Ph.D. (in Progress)- Political Science: Public Policy and Administration, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE, FL.

Master of Arts Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (M.A.U.R.P.). UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE, FL. • Master’s Thesis: “Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado”. • Awarded an assistantship from the University of Florida to assist the City of Newberry, Florida in the preparation of their Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) and created an economic development plan that led to the development of the City’s Main Street Program. • Revised the City of Ft. Walton Beach’s Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Plan as part of a final studio project.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.), Cum Laude. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY, MORGANTOWN, WV. • Recipient of the Valerie Canady Foundation and H.J. Heinz Scholarship for academic and artistic excellence and second language fluency. • Presidential Award for Academic Excellence in Scholarship (1999), Fulbright Finalist (2000), and a Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Fellowship recipient. “Beyond Sprawl … Event City”, which resulted in a collaborative documentary film, a published essay, and feature in an international exhibition and being presented with an international Urban Redevelopment Postgraduate Certificate from the Bauhaus. www.bauhaus-dessau.de/k2t1. (See Bauhaus Kolleg II “event city”, 2000: http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/kolleg/k2t1/pdf/k2t1-72dpi.pdf

Areas of Research, Teaching, and Speaking 

• Political Participation

• Economic Development and Fiscal Impacts

• Public Policy

• Urban Planning and Design

• Cultural Theory

• Form-based Codes


2018 National American Political Science Association (APSA) Conference: Boston, MA. Serving on the Confronting Urban Inequalities panel. Presentation and Paper Title: Reducing Inequality through Political Participation in Planning Processes.

2018 Public Administration Research Conference: Orlando, FL hosted by the University of Central Florida. Presentation Title: Then and Now: Reducing Inequality, Creating Economic Growth, and Citizen Engagement and Public Participation through Planning Processes in Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado.

Wright, Kristina L. 2011. Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado. http://ufdcimages.uflib.ufl.edu/UF/E0/04/38/62/00001/WRIGHT_K.pdf 

Wright, Kristina L. (2017, Nov.). The William Burgess Mixed Use Activity Center Overlay. Presentation given at the Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, and Yulee Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting in Fernandina Beach, FL. Wright, Kristina L. (2017, Oct.). The William Burgess Mixed Use Activity Center Overlay. Presentation given at the Callahan Garden Club in Callahan, FL. Wright, Kristina L. (2017, May, June, Aug.). The William Burgess Mixed Use Activity Center Overlay. Presentation series given at Nassau County Planning and Zoning Board Meetings in Yulee, FL. Wright, Kristina L. (2017, Sept.). The William Burgess Mixed Use Activity Center Overlay. Presentation given at the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners Meeting in Yulee, FL.

Awards and Grants • 2017 Florida Redevelopment Association Redevelopment Administrator Certification (FRA-RA) • 2017 University of Florida Teaching Assistantship (declined due to professional obligations) • 2017 University of Florida, Bob Graham Center for Public Service, selected as a Bob Graham Student Fellow • 2009 University of Florida Graduate Research Assistantship • 2002 University of Florida Andrew J. Ferenfino Scholarship in Architecture • 2000 Fulbright Finalist • 2000 Bauhaus Dessau Fellowship Recipient\ • 2000 WVU President’s Award

Professional Memberships and Affiliations • Member of the American Planning Association (APA) • Member of the Florida Redevelopment Association 2016-present. • Women in Political Science (WIPS)

Professional Planning Practice

Community Development Director and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Director, City of High Springs, Florida, 2018-present.

Assistant Director of Planning and Economic Opportunity, Nassau County Board of Commissioners, Yulee, FL 2017- present. • Leads the County’s Planning and Zoning Board Meetings and Conditional Use and Variance Board Meetings as needed and serves as the County’s Director of Planning and Economic Opportunity as needed. • Working to develop two (2) CRAs for the County and Florida Redevelopment Association Redevelopment Administrator (FRA-RA) Certification will be complete by October 2017. • Serves as the Staff Liaison to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. • Develops the County’s architectural design standards for small area plans and overlay districts. • Updates the Land Development Code to include mixed-use overlay districts to actively promote and achieve fiscally responsive community development.
KRISTINA L. WRIGHT kwright2916@hotmail.com

Community Liaison Coordinator, Lake County Board of Commissioners, Tavares, FL, 2016-2017. • Manages the Mount Plymouth-Sorrento Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) through development review, project management, and fiscal reporting. • Established the County’s first Paint-Only Program on behalf of the CRA and guided the Advisory Board through the development of the County’s design standards for the CRA. • Assists the Community Services Director through the facilitation and leadership of CRA meetings and special event coordination. • Attends Chamber of Commerce and networking events on behalf of the Mount Plymouth-Sorrento CRA and the County. • Redevelopment Administrator FRA-RA certification coursework through the Florida Redevelopment Association and the Florida League of Cities.

Economic Development Project Manager, Flagler County Board of Commissioners, Bunnell, FL, 2012-2013. • Creates Enterprise Florida proposals to help lure new business to the County to diversify the local economy and strengthen the local tax base. • Member of International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and JaxUSA partnership. Attends JaxUSA monthly partnership meetings, workshops and related events to work towards strengthening economic development within the region. • Assists the Director in leading Economic Opportunity Advisory Council meetings that advance opportunities for public participation and economic development. • Creates advanced marketing initiatives and manages the departmental website on behalf of the Department of Economic Opportunity and the County. • Coordinates regional stakeholder meetings and collaborates with area realtors and site selectors to promote available commercial properties for new industry and expansion.

University of Florida Research Assistant– Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Gainesville, FL (for the City of Newberry, FL), 2009-2011. • Assists the City by preparing and completing the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR), which was reviewed and approved by the State of Florida’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA). • Leads public scoping and visioning workshops, creates staff reports, and makes presentations at televised City Commission and the Planning Board meetings for the purpose of major issue area identification for updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Planner/Project Manager, Glynn County Board of Commissioners, Brunswick, GA, 2007- 2008. • Project Manager for county projects, including developments of regional impact involving more than 5,000 acres with an estimated economic impact of more than $3.3 Billion. • Reviews rezonings, variances, site plans, and plats for compliance with the County’s Land Development Regulations and Planned Development texts. • Prepares and presents staff reports at televised County Commission and Planning Board meetings.

Planning Analyst, City of Orange City, FL, 2004-2007. • Collaborates with the planning and development community throughout the approval process to ensure quality control while providing assistance in the achievement of compliance with the City’s Land Development Code (LDC). • Prepares reports for public record while providing information regarding zoning and land development code interpretation and implementation. • Creates databases of property information for annexation and planning purposes and coordinates, promotes, and fundraises on behalf of city and regional events.ucfHeadshot